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Indy cover second (and probably last) draft.

Here is the second draft of Indy cover.   I would like to have comments since 
perhaps the tone is overly agressive

<ibid>IF Linux is a good thing, then it should be for everyone not just for an elite of technonerds</ibid>

The free software spirit has ever been about sharing, that is why
Independence aims for a Linux usable by everyone.  We will never agree
with those who don't want to share it with those they call the
"unwashed masses".  That is why we will never agree with those who
happily let 95% of computers users at the (little) mercy of Microsoft.

Independence is a <emph>free</free> distribution whose emphasis is in
making Linux usable by everyone.  We aim at a Linux for the desktop, a
Linux for the home user, a Linux for the people who need a system
simple to use because they have to care for themselves from day one
without a teacher or a sysadmin for shooting trouble. 

<H2>Why another distribution</H2>

We believe that both the commercial distributions and the present free
distributions have inherent shortcomings for putting Linux on the
desktop: the business model of commercial distributions naturally
<ref><A>favors the server</A>limits#commercial</A> while the present
free distributions are aristocratic ones made by peole who <b>care
little</b> about putting Linux in the hands of everyone.

That is why Indy aims to be a <emph>free </emph> distribution
<emph>made by users</emph>, because they <ref><A>know
better</A>examples of unadequacies</ref> what are their needs than
those who live in Linux strongholds.  Because they know better than
anyone what were the problems they had and, we hope, will be keener on
trying to avoid them for other people.

<H2>Design goals</H2>

You can have a more detailed text <REF>here<A>link to goals </ref> but
they are basically three: help the user, help the spreading of Linux
and try the userr never needing to reboot Windows.  There are also
some don'ts in Indy: Indy does not do demagogics (things who impress
the user but are pretty useless) and we want devlopers everr thinking
into how useful is the feature they are introducing instead of how
smart they will look.

<H2>We need <emph>you</emph></H2>

Independence is a grass roots project, what it can do depends on what
people do for it.  Even if you are not a programmer you can help
since there are plenty of tasks for non-programmers.  What really
matters is not programming skill but a genuine desire to help the
Linux cause.  If you dislike having 95% of computer users being
trapped in Windows, if you would like to do something about it then
join the Independence group.