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Re: I spotted it first

Even just releasing the RPMs in the "contrib" dir would get you noticed. RH
hasnt even released X 3.3.6 update RPMs for RH6.1 yet

Michael@licorne.demon.co.uk on 10/03/2000 09:41:08

Please respond to independence-l@independence.seul.org

To:   independence-l@independence.seul.org

Subject:  Re: I spotted it first

Jonathan Veit wrote:
>       Thats right the moment you all been waiting for, XFree86 4.0 has been
> released!  Alright sure it isn't as prominent achievement as getting it on
> slashdot.org first but give me some credit eh?  Where do we go now?  I'm
> downloading it.

Hmm, How close could we, realistically, be to a release of Independence?

What about if we went with the 6.1 based stuff rather than 6.2?

i.e. add in XFree86 4.0 and release - what else would need doing -
maybe we could be the first to release a distribution that includes
XFree86 4.0 - that would be a major coup for Independence and get
us noticed.


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