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Re: Tips

On Fri, 10 Mar 2000, Birger Langkjer wrote:

> If you set
> eval `dircolors /etc/DIR_COLORS`
> you also get different colours for file extensions, like .gz, .zip, etc. You
> can easily add more extensions like .png, .pdf, .ps, just read /etx/DIR_COLORS.
> Those accents are `grave accents` btw., no other will do for some bizarre
> reason. That confused me for a long time.

Well, in shell scripts, the ` accents mean substitute the output of the
enclosed command, where as ' and " are used for quoting, and have
different rules about command subsitiution, and characture escaping, IIRC.

Took me a couple of attempts to parse that while reading _Linux in a
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