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Re: Tips

On Sat, 11 Mar 2000, Jonathan Veit wrote:

> > Quit vi with "Escape : q !"
> > Quit Emacs with "Ctrl-X,Ctrl-S"
> Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C , Ctrl-X, Ctrl-S saves

That's right. It should say

Quit Emacs with 
Ctrl-X Ctrl-C

> > Try "ls -l" for a detailed view of your files
> > and "ls -s" which will show hiden files too.
> > "ls -ls" dose both
> Isn't it ls -a to show all files?

Right. -s is not correct. 

> > %
> > Middle mouse button X text cut n paste
> This is really incoherant, the more I read it the more confusing it is.

Probably should read something like:

"In X, use the left mouse button to select text. Once you've selected
text, you can paste the selected text using the middle mouse button"