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Indy 6.2build

I have placed in belegost at /independence/Indy6.2build the 6.2 in
building.  Notice I have split it into 3 CD directories.

first one is the normal install CD

Second one would be queried at first reboot for installing Docs It
will also contain the HTML doc for dos users and the installation
source.  This saves some space in first CD

Third one conttains SRPMS

Presently it does NOT work.   Following steps would be:

1) Upgrade some Indy packages who override RedHat's ones and merge
   them in the distrib (presently the directory contains both RedHat's
   and Indy's versions when the RedHat one has a ahigher version number).

2) Check for orphans (RPMS without SRPMS)

3) Edit the 'comps' file in order to integrate Indy's additional software.

4) Run the genhdlist utility.

At this stage we would get an Indy distribution with a RedahT
installer but at least it would work.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses