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indy available via nfs

As root:

mkdir /mnt/seul
mount ftp2.seul.org:/mirror/ftp/ /mnt/seul

Then you can manipulate things under /mnt/seul/independence/ as if they
were on your own filesystem. That means you can just rpm -Uvh them without
having to transfer first. (Though I don't know how well nfs performs over
slow links, so doing a real ftp first might still be faster sometimes. I
think the nfs support in the 2.2 kernel is much better? No clue.)

As free bonuses, you get the redhat-4.2 and redhat-5.2 updates available
locally, under /mnt/seul/updates.redhat.com/4.2/i386/ (or 5.2). They are
mirrored hourly from redhat, so new updates tend to be available before
they're announced on the redhat lists.

This might also mean you can do an nfs-install of independence, as opposed
to the ftp install that is currently suggested. Point the boot disk at
ftp2.seul.org:/mirror/ftp/independence/distribution and find out. :)

Enjoy, and let me know if there are any problems.