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Re: Some news

On Tue, 18 May 1999, JF Martinez wrote:

> a maniac on this), automatic config of the LILO keyboard, homestation
> category of install and dropping people using workstation or
> homestation installs to level 2 instead of level 3 (less servers).

I don't think this is such a great idea. Firstly, this means that if the
user installs some kind of server ( apache, squid, newscache ) , it won't
come up. 

Secondly, if the user decides they want run level 5, they get all the

A better solution would be to just turn everything off ( in inetd ) by
default. I think you can choose at install time which inetd services are
swtiched on. Making them all off by default is a good move. Turning off
inetd services + not installing any servers in workstation/homestation
installs is IMO a better answer. 

> directory. For the install I must say I tend to strongly disagree with
> what RH thinks is the more suitable software who must be installed by
> default when you select categories without going down into individual
> packages.  That means we will _really_ have to hack at the comps file.

Yep. I had a look at the "comps" for the "workstation" and it looks more
like a "hackerstation" or a "geekstation". 

> About the things I noticed: 

I don't know if you noticed this but reportedly, binary compatiblity with
old apps ( esp commercial ) is badly broken. Ho hum.

> If the user chooses to run AnotherLevel then he is dropped on FVWM: I
> really prefer dropping it on WindowMaker or AfterStep in afct I would
> like to default him to the Night theme due to its Wow effect but on
> 8bpp displays it will really suck and I don't know a simple solution
> to detect X is in 8bpp mode (short of writing an app for this)

very easy to do if you are starting via {x,k,g}dm because you can save the
STDERR from the X server.

I guess one way we could do it is have *dm save the output of X to a file,
and also, modify the startx script so that it copies STDERR to a file.(?)

> They ship LinuxConf 0.14 (or is it 14?) and we could go to 0.15.
> Newer is better.

speaking of which, it might be worth including the latest version
of gnome-libs. 

-- Donovan