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Re: Some news

> Another option would be to just give them a hosts deny file like this:

Ans place a big red fluorescent warning in the doc.  Again we could
distringuish the non LANNED box and the LANNED box in the init scripts
for setting this.

> This seems harsh, but it's better to force the user to need to know
> something to bring services up, rather than having to know something to
> turn them off. 
> > competitors (strong rumors).  However you could think Star Division
> > had learned the lesson.  No, they hadn't..
> I think this says more about binary compatibity problems between distros
> and versions of glibc than it does about Star Division. You can hardly
> accuse them of MS-like behaviour ( they wrote the app but not the API )

After years of MS crashing competitors programs thanks to undocumented
features SO should know it is danferous to use them.

> > > very easy to do if you are starting via {x,k,g}dm because you can save the
> > > STDERR from the X server.
> > 
> > Are you sure?  You will go through xinit and lose control on what
> > happens later.  
> take a look at /etc/X11/xdm-config. There's a resource called
> DisplayManager.errorLogFile
> > Of course.
> > 
> > Now of my old manias: Do we ship a gimp 1.1 or do we stick with an
> > "enriched" GIMP 1.0 (ie ship the unofficial plugins)?
> how stable is GIMP 1.1 ? gimp 1.0 is pretty good on features already, so
> this somewhat lowers ones interest in having something new ( and possibly

Of course if someone wants to design a logo he could try gimp 1.1 at
the same time.  :-)

> broken ). I vote for 1.0 with all the newest plugins added unless 1.1
> looks really stable.

If not all at least the most exciting of them.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses