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Barebones Indy 0.2 in belegost

There is a barebones 0.2 in belgost.mit.edu under

It still lacks most of the Indy specifics.  It has the Indy install who
allows configuring  PPP during install.

The automatic partitionning has been disabled (temporarily) for
Homestation and Workstation installs so you can try them.  It has NOT
been disabled for Server installs.  In any way if you are warned about
destruction of data DON'T go ahead: it will be for real.  The
Homestation and workstation installs will ask you for partitionning.

The PPP installer is unsatisfactory but it is an external program so
it can be improved without damaging rest of install

The comps (components) file who determines what you get when you
select a category is virtually identical to RedHat's.  That means it
is unsatisfactory.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses