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Graphical Linux installer under GPL

Hi all,

We are working to make a graphical Linux installation
software, which will be open source and released under GPL.

When I was looking at your mailing archives, it seemed
to me that your goals are much like ours.

Our idea is to boot to KDE from CD-ROM and then
make the graphical installation. The installation
software will be based on the Red Hat 6.0 installation
and we have thought of removing their hacks and other
installation methods that CD-ROM to make it as easy as
possible for newbies.

Our developers' web site is at http://developer.bestlinux.net/
and distributions site at http://www.bestlinux.net/


Santeri Kannisto    sk@sot.com    - http://www.sot.com/
SOT Oy Suomen Ohjelmistotyö Ab    - tel.  (03) 316 5544
Hermiankatu 8 E, 33720 TAMPERE    - fax   (03) 316 5959