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Re: Broken dependencies

> Jean, here is the list of the RPM's the the Xfree86-4.0 installation 
> broke when I installed it.
> xinitrc-2.5-1.i386.rpm
> Mesa-3.2-2.i386.rpm
> Mesa-devel-3.2-2.i386.rpm
> xpm-devel-3.4k-2.i386.rpm

This is normal.  But I have crashed XFree 4.0 far too often and easily
for my tastes and I think better stay away from it for now.

Ah!  6.2 finally has arrived to France.  One of the pleasant surprises
is that it detects (modern) monitors so we no longer need to
fiddle with clock timings.

> I'm not sure if the files are even in the distro any more. I haven't 
> checked since I got home to my box (thank God).
> Now that I'm back, I will try to develop something that will convert 
> the RPM's to binary zero's like you mentioned. Unless I figure 
> something else out in the mean time. I am working on other solutions 
> also.

No longer needed since I have persuaded another person to do it.  :-)

But nevertheless thank you.

There is a thing however if you are interested: converting the
install-sendmail front end from perl-tk to perl-gtk (unless Donovan
Rebecchi who wrote it supercedes you).  Since this perl-gtk is needed
by other applications install-sendmail to it would allow us to get rid
of the 8 megs perl-tk who has no other use.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses