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Re: Do we still need Indy ?

cogNiTioN wrote:
> On Mon, 8 Nov 1999, Kevin Forge wrote:
> > The moral of this story is that _basic_ ease of use is already
> > complete and what's left to do is add more comprehensive application
> > support.  Stuff like ICQ and Net2Phone, little programs for manhandling
> > clipart and checking what you would look like with your dreadlocks tied
> > deferentially.
> Would she have been able to set up an account? Or install new software, or
> install Linux in the first place, or...
> These are the things need the work, and this is where Indy comes in. (I
> think); trying to get EVERYTHING on the system to be like that.
> While people still use MS products because they are easier to use, there
> will always be the need for Independence.

She cannot install Windows.  She cannot install software on Windows.
Leaving her with Linux and no Root Password ( Her momy has that ) just
protects me from making too many trips.

Yes software installation needs some work, but not as much as you think.
1. click on the .rpm / .deb
2. enter root password on request
3. Run the program. 

It can be done and already works that way partially ( witness mandrake
update ).