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What is being done

Web site face lifting is the main activity now: it is crucial to have
a web site clearly stating our goals and what we are doing.

David Webster has volunteered for taking charge of security-related

There is also a curses based dial-up confiurator under way.  This is
critical because I don't care about releasing with the one we had in
the installation of Antaeus.

I am also adapting to 6.1 those packages who are different in Indy
than those of redhat.  By the way one who needs to be fixed is the
indexhtml one: this is the HTML page who posps up when you fire
netscape and it contains many references to RedHat so each time has to
be edited.  Would someone accept to fix it?  I can build the package
if you don't care about building RPMs.

I am also writing "Cobra" that is Indy's optimizer.

Besides the Ted mini-word processor (who will probably replace
Maxwell) I want to add the lesser-the best software relative to what
is shipped in Antaeus.  We will see later for a more ambitios release.

I also don't care about moving to 6.1 install: it has bugs we would
have to fix (RH don't provide the sources for their fixes in their
install) and in addition it eats 50 megs of CD space who would be far
better used for software making life easier.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses