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Re: SuSE releases new security tools.

On Sat, 27 Nov 1999, David wrote:
> I saw the included posting on the suse-security mailing list, and thought
> it sounded like a good idea. So I was thinking of reviewing how compatible
> these packages are with Indy (they come in RPM, so that's a start).
I saw it on freshmeat.
> What does anyone think of the inclusion of these (or similar) scripts in
> Indy?
I think it's a great idea. With many people starting to use DSL and
other such IP services, security is of even greater importance to
the home user then it use to be.
> I'm also just had the idea of writing a simple front end for IPCHAINS, one
> that creates a firewall policy for the machine, by prompting the user for
> answers to questions. Thoughts? I may have seen something similar on
> securityfocus.com, but I'm not sure.
Good idea!

This could be added as another in the series of  Indy Liberators
designed to make configuration easier. I'm writing a Liberator and
front end for eznet right now using newt for the console side and
possibly a Tcl/Tk X front end later. Not sure yet.

What would be your plan for a UI. Maybe we should shoot for a consistent
look and feel. Sort of an Indy standard. (See my post a few days
earlier regarding my idea for a console desktop).
> I feel that security is (should be) an important part of EVERY disto. SuSE
> seems to be taking it seriously, and I feel we should to.
I agree.


R.G. Mayhue