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ne2000 [was: Re: how to install anyway]

David Webster wrote:
> On Sun, 28 Nov 1999, Stefan Rieken wrote:
> > RedHat installs with only a boot.img (which is a terrible shame, because
> > it doesn't work correct with MY ne2000 network card... so I should do
> > alternative downloads there).
> Have you tried loading the NE2000 NIC driver as a module? I had some
> problems with getting it built in, but as a module it works fine.
(I indeed meant that I used bootnet.img.) I tried the NE*000 driver and
the NE2000 PCI driver that were available. Do you mean one of these? My
ne2000 has got IRQ 5 and I/O locations starting at 0x300. It is totally
non-plug and play and it seems to be very hard to detect.

I got all these details from Windows because the card was also
second-hand. I don't know the difference between PCI and the other type,
but I guess it's not PCI. I filled in the IRQ and I/O on installation.