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I've played around with the head.shtml and have quickly created a
one. I'm having problems getting my apache server to work, but the file I
created should be at:
and it included on a copy of the main page:
(this is just to see what it looks like when included, the actual page
will be full of 404's.)

(If anyone wants to visit my server and have a look at the mirror I have
there, feel free to do so, and then tell me what I'm doing wrong, and why 
the site won't work. http://cognite.penguinpowered.com/)

I've included a link to the security area (which I'll need to edit to use
the SSI), but not to the status/changes page, as I think we should hear
what Jean has to say about that idea before acting on it, and also
because there is a page on the end of the security link, unless I wanted
to create one, there wouldn't be one for the status link.

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