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Re: Web site, SSI, SSH, and Windows SCP

> "nice idea, but". It's a nice idea but it will break on mirror servers that
> can't do SSI 
> (although you've said that's not a problem at the moment). 

and it's unlikely to be a problem in the forseable future.

> is also difficult (IMO) to do much more than simple file inclusion so, for
> instance, it's a pain to do a navigation bar with the current page in bold
> or something.


> A while ago I wrote a set of scripts and an auto-generating Makefile to
> build my own website, and have also used it for a few clients when I was
> doing freelance web design. It just uses GNU `make', `bash', and `m4' the
> macro processor. No SSI or other server tricks needed.

This is a nice way of doing things. Indeed, I used to do something similar
to maintain the site. The advantage is that your scripts take care of the
markup, so you don't need the client *or* the server to do any work. I
could see this being very useful if you're developing pages for a server
that doesn't allow you to use any advanced features.

The disadvantage is that it's non standard, and it's something else that
the developers need to learn. I found that noone had the patience to learn
how my maintenance system worked. In fact the reason why I moved *TO* SSI
was due to requests by some people who expressed interest in working on
the site.

But that doesn't mean that I'm not interested. I would be interested
in knowing the technical details of how you did this. It's something that
we could use later on if necessary. Right now, SSI seems to be working