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New software being uploaded

I have uploaded some new softare to the experimental directory:
-acl, attr, dmapi (software for exploiting kernel features relative
to XFS).  The more important is ACL since it allows Linux+Samba
no longer looking like poor man's NT

-cups: printing spooler

-FlightGear: the older package didn't find somme crucial files

-fltk : toolkit for xpp

-gdkxft:allows antialiased fonts in most Gnome applications

-gimp: a beefed up version respective to RedHat's.  Has color management

and mpeg support

-glame: Gnu Linux audio mechanics (sound synthesis)

-gnome-pm: collects information about stocks

-gtksee:  image viewer

-gvd: debugger, arguedly better than ddd

-GtkAda: Needed by gvd

-ksalup: allows to receive popup messages.  It seems to support far more
than LinPopUp.  It ios also more adequate for KDE users

-kups: Printing configurator

-lcms: color management

-LinNeighborhood; mounting windows shares on the fly

-libosip and luinphone: allow to phone through the Internet

-LinPopUp: getting PopUp messages

-lpe: Indy's last chance editor

-mpeg_lib: needed by Gimp and others for mpeg movies

-nessus: security scanner

-postfix and ssmtp: two mail transport agents.  Ssmtp is ideal for home

-printer-drivers: this includes ghostscript, the Gimp special printer
driver (who can be
used outside the gimp), IBM's own Omni-print drivers and more.  As usual
Indy has more
and better drivers than the base distro.

-qtcups: toolkit for cups configuration

-samba: Indy is using samba 2.2.2 who has important new features
respective to the 2.2.1
used in Redhat.  It is compiled with ACL support and is more complete
than RedHat's samba.

-SoundStudio; sound synthesis and capture

-xfsdump and xfsprogs:  XFS-related utilities

-xine and xine-lib: playing mpeg movies

-xmovies: altenative mpeg player

-xpp: choosing printer resolution and driver on the fly

While I am writing this the kernel is recompiling.  It has XFS support
and the driver for the
SpeedTouch modem.

Now only minor packages remain to be built.

I have made a couple decisions: first rename the experimental directory
to next_version
and second put some programs out of the main body: ie they swill still
be on CD but are not
part of what is installed (you must install them by hand).  One example
of this is postfix: it
conflicts with ssmtop and ssmtp is far easier and adequate for home
users and very small
installations but ssmtp is not a full fledged MTA   The three packages:
gnat (ada compiler),
GtkAda and gvd will
probably go there unless I experiment and find gvd is much superior to
gvd (gvd is written in
Ada and that is why gnat is included).  It also happens I am apalled
whne I see people charging
straight in C/C++ when they create an application since I think they are
unadequate for application
developmnt (far too bug prone) so I wanted Indy having some
counterpoison.   But since this is
politics and outside the scope of Joe User they will not go in main

RedHat 7.2 no longer includes a kernel specific for plain Pentium
(replaced by athlon
kernels).   They use a differnt trick: 386 kernels are optimized for the
Pentium but don't use
Pentium-specific instructions or features so they run everywhere.
Instead I have built a
real Pentium-specific kernel and another for the K6.

Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence http://independence.seul.org
Because Linux should be for everyone