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Re: State of the distribution (edited)

I don't know if I sent this message

> In message <19980926154421.9636.qmail@sidney.remcomp.fr>, jfm2@club-internet.fr
>  writes:
> >> >  Shortcomings: We still don't have a half decent X-based Ftp client, we
> >> 
> >> wxftp ? 
> >> 
> >
> >Wxftp is in the NoCD section due to copyright restrictions.  Out of
> >the box the user will not have a good graphic ftp client.
> Actually, wxftp is kind of a special case. I've been hosting his
> page for a long time, at www.wxftp.seul.org. I've had some long
> discussions about licensing with him; these resulting in his allowing
> his source to be distributed, though he still has some way to go before
> it is no longer proprietary software.
> You have several options:
> a) Ask him for permission to include it in your distrib. He will grant
> it (not only because he said he would typically grant all such requests,
> but also because he'd have to go find another home if he refused ;).

Sure you can get a lot of things with a kind word but you can get much
more with a kind word and a big gun.  Just kidding.  I certainly don't
want him being threarened.

> This is a good option if you think wxftp is cool enough that it's worth
> having even if it's not free software (or if you have no qualms about
> encouraging proprietary software).

I use free software when I can but I prefer people using propriatary
software under Linux than proprietary software under NT.

> b) Tell him that you want to include it as the primary graphical ftp
> client in Independence, but it needs a better license.
> I vote b. I'll talk to him further if you guys want.

I prefer you talk him but don't force him to accept.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses