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Future features in RedHat 5.2

Because RH is the base of Independence I habve looked at Rawhide in
order to know what is in preparation for RedHat 5.2.

I have noticed:

2.1 kernel.  That means it is 2.2 ready (start up scripts or auxiliary
programs as close to the 2.2 versions as possible).

WindowMaker is included as one of the Window managers.

The GIMP doc is provided.

They only provide Gnome 0.20 (the last version compatible with gtk

They provide Ghostscript 4 (the last GPLed version).

Some more features I have forgotten.  However the overall impression
is a consolidation instead of drastic changes.  Notice that does not
account for changes in installaton: I have only looked at the

I have suggested them to ship the lat libc (5.4.46) instead of 5.3.12.
Many users got burned because RPM didn't replace they "newer" libc by
the one included in RH 5.0 or 5.1.  That meant they didn't got the
libc compatible auxiliary libraries so their legacy libc programs
tried to use the glibc compatible ones.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses