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Indy's projectred front page

In the last days I have been rewriting the web site.  Old one's contents
obsolete and there were broken links.

Here is the projected front page (without logo).  I am not sure if
Indy's goals should
be so detailed in the front page or if they shouldn't go in the
developers's section.

Title: Independence Linux: because Linux should be for everyone

Independence Linux: because Linux should be for everyonex

"Free software should not be for programmers only, it should be for everyone." Richard Stallman

We, at Independence, strongly believe that Linux should be for everyone, we believe that being free of abusive licenses, crashes and virus alerts should not be a privilege only enjoyed by the IT specialists. This should be a right for everyone. That is why we want a Linux who is easy to use and gives realistic answers to users needs.

A distribution with a cause

We think Linux is a good thing and we want to share it with everyone, not just technonerds, eevryone. We think that authors of both comercial and the present free distributions have a flawed development model who provides no incentive for bringing Linux to the general people. That is why Independence aims at being a place where people who are passionate about propagating Linux and making it easier to use can build a distribution fulfilling these goals.

Independence goals

Independence is a non for profit distribution made by volunteers. It is freely downloadable and licensed under the

Its goals are:

  1. Propagating Linux and helping users is the primary goal of Independence. Indy must not become a distribution where developers forget about users.
  2. Linux users are diverse and have a wide range of needs. However until now Linux has been designed exclusively by people with a Unix profile. In our opinion this makes for a Linux who follows traditions and doesn't cover the needs of people with different backgrounds and of those areas where Unix never made a dent (eg desktop). That is why we want Indy being designed by all Linuxers: Unix people, people from mainframes and, shock, horror, people fresh from Windows.
  3. Break the image of Linux as a (boring) server-only system: emphasis must go on multimedia, graphics creation, office suites, games, child education, personal finance. We want Indy users never having to reboot Windows.
  4. Keep in mind user's practical needs: support of popular and budget peripherals even when they are not ideal for Linux, shortening Internet connections or energy savings.
  5. Smuggling Linux in the home computer area means we cannot assume there is an experienced admin who makes no mistakes. Even at beginner stage the user has to administer the box and that means Indy must handle user mistakes gracefully and be secure out of the box
  6. Be honest towards the user: Never introduce features who are useless or harmful just to make Indy look good to users and critics
  7. Our hope: the snowball effect

    Indy's resources are tiny so Indy is far from fulfilling its goals. But the more people will work in Indy, even in supporting roles, the better it will be and the more users it can get. In open source projects like Indy some of these users will want to contribute. Their help will allow us to make a better Indy, so more users, so more developpers.
    If you approve of our goals then:

    Join Us!