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Re: JFM's proposed web pages on test web site. Re: Indy's projected front page

Dinos Kouroushaklis a écrit :

> Following JFM's post yesterday, here is what has been posted with no changes.
> Both the proposed head and fo9oter are incorporated.
> The URL's are:
> http://indytest.seul.org/index.shtml
> http://indytest.seul.org/flaws.shtml
> http://indytest.seul.org/nontech.shtml
> http://indytest.seul.org/tech.shtml
> http://indytest.seul.org/download.shtml
> http://indytest.seul.org/features.shtml
> Please review and comment heavily.
> I think we need to incorporate the "Join!" part at the bottom in the footer so
> that it is available at all pages.

The structure I would like would have for now three sections (ie directories)
The links at the side (or foot I don't have strong opinions about this) would
to other pages on same section and to master
pages of other sections.

The main section would include the cover page and the flaws page.   Later I will
a FAQ.
The developers section would include tech, nontech and the joining form (with an
text) who would be the main page of the section.  The introductory textt is not a
problem but
my inspiration dries when trying to wriite questions to be asked to prospective
people (the non atcive is those who would want to subscribe to the mail list
checking the "would participate" button.  At one point I could add a few texts to
this section: the RPM
requirements to begin with.

The download section would include download (main), features and the warning page
I will post in a couple

> JFM has previously expressed an interest in having one header/footer for the
> top pages and a different for each section. There are plus and minuses for
> both. I suggest to start with one common header/footer pair and to add new
> ones per division as we move along.
> The current setup is the following:
> There is a common /head.shtml and /footer.shtml file.
> Each filename.shtml file is composed of the following text:
> <HTML>
> <HEAD>
> <LINK REL="stylesheet" HREF="/config/independence.css" TYPE="text/css">
> </HEAD>
> <!--#set var="title" value="" -->
> <!--#include virtual="/head.shtml"-->
> <!--#include virtual="/filename.html"-->
> <!--#include virtual="/footer.shtml"-->
> </BODY>
> </HTML
> The filename.html is a separate file, just like the ones JFM has prepared and
> all text goes in them.
> Regards
> Dinos

                Jean Francois Martinez

The Independence project: because Linux should be for everyone