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Re: snapshot 2

Credits for the site do not belong to me. I did not design or create this

I have just added in the Bookmarks the link for Mandrake Linux, OpenOffice,
StarOffice and the StarOffice Users Group Portal. Why they were not
included? Well I do not know. Maybe JFM knows the answer. Does it matter

Feel free to send your suggestions.

Regards Dinos

At 21:31 22/9/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>I looked at and liked the website. I think it's well written and thought
>out. I did notice a few things tho. Under Bookmarks; distributions, you
>didn't list Mandrake, even though I think it's one of the bigger distribs.
>Also under application/office you didn't list Staroffice. I just wondered
>why they were left out. Especially since most distribs come w/Staroffice on
>the cd's, and I feel Mandrake is the easiest distrib out there offered
>commercially. Just my 2cents.
>Scott in Saginaw,  Mich. =8:^) $14.95 Internet/ 3/min. Long Distance!
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> > Hi all ... I am back
> >
> > JFM what would you like me to do as soon as I manage to install Indy on my
> > PC? About the web site that is.
> >
> > Regards to all and hope that we are done with the needless killing of
> > innocent people.
> >
> > Dinos