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Opening of experimental directory

I have opened ftp://ftp.seul.org/independence/experimental

as a place for building Indy 7.2.   For now it only contains
software I have rebuilt or upgraded for Indy 7.2 (ie it
is a differntial directory).

It presently contains:


Other packages will be added as they are built.   The abiword and
gnumeric in Indy are at higher versions than their RedHat counterparts:

RedHat 7.2 ships with abiword 0.7 who is basically a toy.  The newer
abiword in Indy is far more capable and AFAIK it is for now the only
Linux word processor who does a good job at importing/exporting Word

RedHat's Gnumeric didn't support graphics so this greatly reduces its
as a spreadsheet.  Indy's Gnumeric supports them and is said to be
smaller and
faster.   Gnumeric is also the only free Linux spreadsheet who does a
good job at
importing Excel files.