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Re: Newly upgraded RPMS

Jean Francois Martinez wrote:

> I am uploading newly upgraded RPMS to
> ftp://ftp.seul.org/pub/independence/experimental.
> These are:
> -GimpUserManual (identical to the one in Indy 7.1)
> -Rute: Version 1.0
> -SimGear
> -FlightGear: It is a higher version, has several fixes at RPM level and
> it also has
> far more scenery and plane models including several fighter types
> (FlightGear
> does not support combat missions but jet fighters are more exciting to
> fly than
> Cessnas).   It also has MUCH more doc.   It would be nice If someone in
> this list
> with a card who allows  hardware accelerated OpenGL tests this game.  If
> you have
> an NVidia card you will need the drivers provided by NVidia: the XFree
> ones don't
> support hardware-accelerated 3D and are far too slow.
>                                     JFM

I can test this game should it install without too much work on RH7.1