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Copyrights, Gimp manual, Peruser etc

I have separated ths software in three categories.  There is still
some in /pub/independence/distribution/undecided who is either not
packaged by me or where I have to check the copyright status.

We will need to statically link xfmail repective to the xforms libray.
XFmail is fundamental.

Also I will put in each directory afile with a lsit of the files
included (or more exactly the symlinks) stripped of version numbers so
it will bea easy to rebuild the directory each time the site changes.

Does anyone know the status of Ghostscript fonts 5?  Hylafax depends
on them and will have to be left out if Ghostscript fonts have the
same copyright than Ghostscript tself.  The doc is unclear about font

Could anyone grab the SRPM of the GIMP manual we have and use it for
building an RPM of the version 1.0 of the manual? (only one of the
three formats is needed)  Our version is old and this is one of those
heavy downloads/uploads where doing it with a modem specially when
living in the country of Al Capone Telecom is no fun at all.  The GIMP
is Linux's killer app and I think we should deliver the best one we

There are some things to moderrnize but Peruser is perhaps the most
urgent: it changes every day.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses