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Note to maintainers of RPMs

There is a /pub/independeence/distribution directory who is aimed to
be used for people wanting to download the install and addenda in
order to make the distribution.

In it there are directories for approved packages (Independence),
those who conflict with Redhat or need copyrighted stuff (conflicts),
copyrighted material who cannot go in CDs (No_CD), and packages who
have not been checked for copyright (undecided).

This last directory is not empty.  It should.  The packages in it
(actually symlinks) have to be moved to one of the aforementionned

Notice some packages in the site are not referenced in the
distribution directory.  These are packages who are provided in RedHat
5.1 but are needed by people of previous distribs.

In order to make maintenance easier I propose we place in each
directory a file containining the base filenames (no version names) of
the files in the directories.  Then have a script who using the table
in this file will find the RPMS and symlink them into the directory.

Thus when adding an RPM to the site part of the job will be to edit
the file table contained in the corresponding subdir of the
distribution directory.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses