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After hacking the install and creating a merger perl script.  I have
been successful in installing what we could call an Independence version.  A thing was worrying me: a "cannot found" message.
It turned to be harmless and related to the fact I was isnatlling from
hd instead of CDROM.

Tomorrow I will add a little hack for making easier to build the
complete thing and I will upload the whole.

Things reamining to do after that:

-Solving the conflicts problem: we cannot install qmail and sendmail
 simultaneously (or inn and leafnode) due to port conflict.  For
 people already using it we have to provide sendmail.  If the person
 is upgrading then simply let him use the MTA he is used to.  But what
 if he is installing fresh and simply says "install anything", do we
 prompt him?  do we let him face a "conflicting packages message" or
 do we install qmail without asking?

-Is qmail the best we can propose?  How about zmailer?

-Version modernization: Some important packages are now woefully out
 of date.  Would need some help here but we need to be synced for the
 compilers and libc/libstdc++.  What are the distributions used by
 active members?  We also need to affect priorities in this: some apps
 are crucial enough for full effort and others be modernized once
 every three months or so.

-Rebuild XFmail linking Xforms statically.  If someone makes a CDROM I
 want xfmail in it. Until you can mail, nobody will hear your pleas
 for help.

-Issue an Announce

-Propganda.  We built a web site in the hope it could be useful to

-Begin machine gunning with new releases and bring improvements like
 better doc, more attractive apps.

-Improving install or adding modules to LinuxConf: that requires real

And more.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses