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WXhen you read this mail I will have built the SRPM directories for
the distrib.

But I have found some packages with two versions and my scripts are
not smart enough to choose the highest.  I don't dare to remove them
because I fear breaking liks in the site.  There is cleaning to do in
it and scripts to improve.

I also found some orphan RPMS without SRPMS.  They seem to be the
Motif ones and those of closed source software.

I also have improved the "merger" script to handle subdirs but it is
1am and I still have to test it.

I have found an interesting software: VNC.  It allows diplaying from
and to Linux, Windows, Macs.  People with two computers could use apps
running in the other one under a different OS.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses