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Re: State of the distribution (edited)

> In message <19980926065945.1656.qmail@sidney.remcomp.fr>, jfm2@club-internet.fr writes:
> >At this point we cannot deploy a complete distrib due to lack of disk
> >space.  What we have is an upgrade kit allowing to go from RedHat 5.1
> >to Independence  It allows testing, proof of concept, CD
> >building but nothing more.
> Note that www.mirrors.seul.org keeps hourly-updated mirrors of
> redhat-4.2/updates, 5.0/updates, 5.1/updates, and contrib. But it's
> true that I don't keep an entire 5.1 distribution onhand.
> Roughly how much space are we talking here? (for everything you want
> to offer)

When we put together RedHat and our stuff we near 1 G.

> >6)  GAMES:  What other use for a computer?
> >
> >Mirrormagic (small facinating Amiga game), xkobo, FlightGear (Flight
> >simulator) but we need more of them.
> seul-dev-apps is considering writing some games. Micah has already
> written up a couple prototypes; hopefully he'll package them soon
> and mention it to freshmeat, and he can take off from there. If any
> of you wants to write/update some neat simple short games that aren't
> all about spraying blood everywhere (quake is great, I know, but
> some people don't like their 6-year-olds playing quake), let me know.
> The way to get more games is either to find them or write them.

There are sites specialized in Linux games.  But they need to be
reviewed.  Also it seems Abuse has been fixed.  OK Abuse is violent.

We could include some pointers to commercail Linux games.  Galactic
Civilizations is probably out now.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses