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Re: Should we search for patronizing of the FSF?

> On Thu, 9 Sep 1999, Birger Langkjer wrote:
> > I admire RMS very much after having read some of his stuff, but I
> > don't think I would personally ever want to have him as my boss.
> I'd say having anyone as our "boss" would go against our manifesto. I
> don't think this is exactly what JFM had in mind, though perhaps he could
> clarify.

Debian has derived most of its prestige (and developpers) due to the
claima of being freer than free.  Indy is at least as free as them but
is little known.  One way to become more known and attract people
would be to attract some attention of the FSF.  Now problem would be
how to avoid FSF ruling Indy.  Problem is taht they are very rigid
doctrinally and in the field Indy is trying to target we cannot allow
us this luxury due to scarcity of completely free software.  And
second FSF people are far too smart to understand the problems of the
dumb user.  :-)

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses