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Re: Do we change the slogan?

I am considering to change the slogan "Independence, Linux for the masses"
by "Independence: Linux for the people by the people"

Opinions? Better ideas?

Jean Francois Martinez

This is a step in the right direction.
Consider the Vance Packard "Hidden Persuaders"
within the phrase "for the masses".
[ for the m asses. ]
the subconscious is an every present modifier of human behavior as Packard
has so aptly elucidated.
Masses also conjures up images of the Bolshevik Mob.

Hoi polloi proletariat raw
devient comique excessivement.

That same Packard effect could be evoked as an argument against
"by the people"
*buy the people*
which conjures up the slave market.

Democracy is not perfect but it is the best thing we have.

"Independence: Linux for the people by the people"
may be the best phrase we have going for us.