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Re: Do we change the slogan?

>Btw: There's a discussion on Slashdot.org right now about this very
>topic - a more userfriendly Linux. Perhaps now is a good time to make
>some pr for Independence? :-)

The article which sparked the discussion is at Linux Journal:
and the slashdot discussion is at:

The article is well worth the read and is speaking to some of what Indy
is doing already. It begins:

"My friendly local network administrator walked in just as I 
was finishing up my Red Hat 6.0 installation, the day after 
the software's release. He's a UNIX guy, and I thought he'd 
be pleased to see users like me making the switch from Windows 
to Linux. But the look on his face told me otherwise--shock, 
horror, dread. "Do you know how to configure Linux so that it's 
secure on a LAN? Which daemons are you running? Are you 
running sendmail? Do you know how to configure it?  Do you 
have the latest version of bind? Aarggh!" 

A couple of weeks later, I found out why he was so worried. 
Working at home, and sheltered (or so I thought) by a dynamically 
assigned IP address, I suddenly realized I wasn't the only person 
using my computer...."