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Re: Indy installs from CD

> I've also now burned a CD and tested the install and now have a working
> Linux Independence System. There are a couple of minor issues about the
> install.
> 1) If choosing a non custom install, when you get the Setup filesystems
> message warning that all linux partitions will be erased the Cancel
> button doesn't do anything. 

I will look at it but this is something I cannot test, obviously.

> 2) Version numbers during the install say Independece 2.0

> 3) CD appears to be locked in the drive at the point when the instalation
> asks you to remove the boot media and press a key to reboot the system.

If you used a CD this is normal (but perhaps avoidable) behaviour: a
CD is not only the boot media but also the installation media and
the installation media is still mounted at this point so you cannot
remove it.   Perhaps it will be possible to unmount it but not sure.

> Other than those everything seems fine at the new installed system is 
> working fine. Will do some more testing.

Thank you.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses