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IPTraf 2.5.0 Released

Hello all,

I'm pleased to announce the release of IPTraf 2.5.0.

IPTraf is a monitoring utility for IP networks.  It returns network
statistics including information on TCP connections, network interface
counts and load figures, statistical breakdowns by TCP/UDP services, and
counts and load figures per LAN host.  It's console-based and doesn't
require the X Window system


IPTraf 2.5.0 now features a more detailed interface for miscellaneous IP
packets (i.e. non-TCP, non-UDP.  Faster sorting has been implemented.
This version also currects bugs in the scanning code for closed entries,
which caused 2.4 to incorrectly mark
active TCP entries as ready for disposal.  Also fixed some minor
cosmetic errors.


IPTraf is available as source cod and ready-to-run Intel/glibc2 and can
be downloaded at


and at

As of version 2.5, the precompiled binary programs are distributed only
in the .bin.i386.tar.gz files.

Also, please visit the IPTraf home page at http://iptraf.seul.org/ and

For feedback, please feel free to write me at riker@seul.org.

Best wishes.

Gerard Paul Java