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Connection Monitoring


I just finished setting up IPTraf 2.5 on RH 7.1 and it's working like a champ ! I've successfully been able to setup filter to monitor traffic from specific sources and ports.

My Question - Can I setup IPTraf to notify me in the instance of a dropped connection from a specific source IP ?

The Scenario - I have remote Windows Media Encoders streaming live video to a Windows Media Server over the Internet. If the connection goes down, the WMS does not reinstantiate the connection to the encoder, and the video dies. The video needs to be manually restarted from the WMS, and right now if noone is actually watching the video, we don't know that it is down. (So if a video in the forest stops playing, and nobody is around to see it ...)

I would like to setup an IPTraf box in front of my server with filters for the source IP of each my encoders, and their associated port from which they are streaming. (That's the easy part.) If there is no traffic from a specific source IP for a given interval (15 sec), I want an event fired off to send an EMail alerting me the connection has died. (This is what I don't know how to do.)

Is anyone doing this or something similar ? Any suggestions ? 

Thanks in advance!

Alan "Joe" Joseph
Senior Network Engineer
PixelWorld Networks Inc.