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RE: IPTraf as cronjob


Thanks for your response. But I would like to have a separate file for each hour, ie, I do not want a single log file, instead for each hour a separate log file with the log info for that hour need to be generated.

I was using IPTraf in cron for awhile.  It will append to the logfile that
is already there - here are the crontab entries that I used..make sure this
is in root's crontab as well.   Also, why use PHP?????

#0 * * * * /usr/local/bin/iptraf -z eth0 -t 10 -B
#0 * * * * /usr/local/bin/iptraf -d eth0 -t 10 -B

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Subject: IPTraf as cronjob


I would like to run IPTraf as a background process in cron such that the
log information is stored in different files on an hourly basis. I have a
PHP script which invokes "IPTraf" with the parameters for timeout minutes &
filename and options -B, -f. When executed in cron, the PHP script is
invoked but for some reason IPTraf itself seems to be terminated instantly
- as a result no log file created. Is there any reason that the IPTraf
process would be instantly terminated when run in cron? Are there any
considerations to run IPTraf in cron?

Thanks for any clues.