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Re: crontab


I think what you're looking for is the -B command-line option.  This is
used to place the program in the background and gather statistics from
there while at the  same time start logging.

Try this command:

	iptraf -s eth0 -B

You may also want to consider the t option to set a time limit, say, to
run the facility for only 15 minutes before terminating, you can say

	iptraf -s eth0 -B -t 15

Hope this helps.

On Fri, 17 Nov 2000, W.Wolpert wrote:

> hi,
> i have some problem to put the programm in crontab or a perl file.
> Everytime I put "iptraf -q -s eth0" - the prog starts (i know) but
> there is no log file even if i have want! When I put it in crontab
> I get a big mail after I have killed the prog but this is not usable.
> I think this is the symbols the monitor would show...
> When I start the prog directly 
> "iptraf -q -s eth0"
> everything works fine!
> Does anyone know what's wrong?
> best regards
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