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iptraf not showing UDP packets


in iptraf 2.7.0 from debian 3.1, I can't get it to display UDP packet
count for any reasonably fast UDP transfers. PC has a single gigabit
ethernet interface, on nforce chipset, with 'forcedeth' kernel module.

The problem is that for example in Detailed interface statistics, eth0,
UDP and ICMP count remains stuck at 0 when I try to send UDP packets at
>10Mbit/s. "tcpdump -nut" does however show the packets just fine.

With netcat -u and just manually typing in some garbage text from client
to server of vice versa (i.e. really slow packet rate), iptraf Detailed
interface statistics does show UDP counter increase.

I already checked iptraf filter settings (show all udp) and tried
promiscious mode on and off, no difference, fast udp transfers are simply
not shown in iptraf.

Any ideas?

 - Jan