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[Libevent-users] libevent 2.1.11-stable breaks the links browser


The patch 497ef904d544ac51de43934549dbeccce8e6e8f8 ("Warn if forked from 
the event loop during event_reinit()") breaks the links browser when it is 
compiled with libevent.

How to reproduce:

1. on the first terminal, run links
2. on the second terminal, run links
3. switch back to the first terminal and quit links

You'll get this error and both instances will quit:
[warn] event_reinit: forked from the event_loop.

ERROR: event_reinit failed: No such file or directory

What's happening - Links on the first terminal is master and it listens on 
unix domain socket ~/.links/socket. Links on the second terminal connects 
to this socket and passes keystrokes and receives screen updates. When you 
quit links on the first terminal, it does "if (fork() > 0) _exit(0); ... 
event_reinit()" (see the functions os_detach_console() and reinit_child() 
in the source code), so that it keeps running in the background and serves 
requests for links on the second terminal.

Links is event based and almost all the code runs from event_loop. Will 
you fix libevent to allow fork() from event handlers? Or do you insist 
that we can't call fork from an event handler and that some workaround in 
links has to be implemented?

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