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[Libevent-users] Comparison of libevent and libuv


I apologize for a holy war question. But libevent and libuv look very
similar --- both solve the same issue ("c10k problem"), both support
Windows, etc. And there is a little information regarding _differences_
of these libraries I manage to find by myself. Libevent seems to be
more mature and widely used. Also according to this article:


... libuv has some considerable problems, e.g. lack of TLS support.
However this article was written 1.5 years ago and some issues could be
solved already.

I wonder what was the story behind creating libuv while libevent
already existed at that time. What problems libevent had back then (or
probably it didn't?), were these issues solved or not, are there any
major differences between libevent and libuv today, etc?

Hope someone who has experience in this area could enlighten me.
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