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[Libevent-users] [ANN] Libevent 2.0.22-stable is released

Hello, all!

There are three new Libevent releases out today.  One of them is
2.0.22-stable, an updated stable release.

This release fixes a moderately worrisome security issue in
evbuffers that could affect some programs; see
for details.

You can get the source code from http://libevent.org or from one of
the git repositories.  If the website hasn't updated yet, you can
get the files from

As usual, make sure to check the GPG signatures on the source

================================ Changes in 2.0.22-stable
Changes in version 2.0.22-stable (5 Jan 2015)

SECURITY FIXES (evbuffers)
 o Avoid integer overflow bugs in evbuffer_add() and related
functions.  See CVE-2014-6272 advisory for more information.

BUGFIXES (evhttp)
 o fix #73 and fix http_connection_fail_test to catch it (crash fix)
(b618204 Greg Hazel)
 o Avoid racy bufferevent activation (5eb1788 Nate Rosenblum)

BUGFIXES (compilation and portability)
 o Fix compilation with WIN32_HAVE_CONDITION_VARIABLES enabled (7e45739)
 o Fix missing AC_PROG_SED on older Autoconfs (9ab2b3f Tay Ray Chuan)
 o Backport libevent to vanilla Autoconf 2.59 (as used in RHEL5)
(74d4c44 Kevin Bowling)
 o Use AC_CONFIG_HEADERS in place of AM_CONFIG_HEADERS for autmake
1.13 compat (817ea36)
 o Rename configure.in to configure.ac to appease newer autoconfs (0c79787)
 o Avoid using top_srcdir in TESTS: new automakes do not like this (a55514e)
 o Use windows vsnprintf fixup logic on all windows environments (e826f19)
 o Fix a compiler warning when checking for arc4random_buf linker
breakage. (5cb3865)
 o Fix another arc4random_buf-related warning (e64a2b0)
 o Add -Qunused-arguments for clang on macos (b56611d Trond Norbye)

BUGFIXES (resource leaks/lock errors on error)
 o Avoid leaking fds on evconnlistener with no callback set (69db261)
 o Avoid double-close on getsockname error in evutil_ersatz_socketpair (0a822a6)
 o Fix a locking error in bufferevent_socket_get_dns_error. (0a5eb2e)
 o libevent/win32_dealloc() : fix sizeof(pointer) vs sizeof(*pointer)
(b8f5980 Frank Denis)

BUGFIXES: (other stability)
 o bufferevent_pair: don't call downcast(NULL) (f2428a2)
 o Consistently check for failure from evbuffer_pullup() (60f8f72)
 o Fix race caused by event_active (3c7d6fc vjpai)

BUGFIXES (miscellaneous)
 o Avoid redundant invocations of init_extension_functions for IOCP (3b77d62)
 o Typo fixes from Linus Nordberg (cec62cb, 8cd695b)
 o Add a few files created by "make verify" to .gitignore. (1a8295a
Pierre Phaneuf)
 o regress_buffer: fix 'memcmp' compare size (79800df Maks Naumov)
 o Fix bufferevent setwatermark suspend_read (b34e4ac ufo2243)
 o Fix evbuffer_peek() with len==-1 and start_at non-NULL. (fb7e76a)

BUFGIXES (evdns)
 o Checking request nameserver for NULL, before using it. (5c710c0
Belobrov Andrey)
 o Fix SEGFAULT after evdns_base_resume if no nameservers installed.
(f8d7df8 Azat Khuzhin)
 o Fix a crash in evdns related to shutting down evdns (9f39c88,e8fe749)

BUGFIXES (epoll)
 o Check does arch have the epoll_create and __NR_epoll_wait syscalls.
(dfe1e52 Marcin Juszkiewicz)

BUGFIXES (evutil_secure_random)
 o Avoid other RNG initialization FS reads when urandom file is
specified (9695e9c, bb52471)
 o When we seed from /proc/sys/kernel/random/uuid, count it as success (e35b540)
 o Document that arc4random is not a great cryptographic PRNG. (6e49696)
 o Add evutil_secure_rng_set_urandom_device_file (2bbb5d7)
 o Really remove RNG seeds from the stack (f5ced88)

 o Fix a mistake in evbuffer_remove() arguments in example http server
code (c322c20 Gyepi Sam)
 o Fix a typo in a comment in buffer.h. Spotted by Alt_F4 (773b0a5)
 o Clarify event_base_loop exit conditions (031a803)
 o Use FindClose for handle from FindFirstFile in http-server.c (6466e88)
 o Fix a typo in a doxygen comment. Reported by äå. (be1aeff)

================================ Acknowledgments

Thanks to everybody who contributed patches or bug reports or advice
to this release, including but not exclusively those mentioned

Thanks also to everyone mentioned in the CVE-2014-6272 advisory.
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