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[Libevent-users] ANN: Libevent 2.0.19-stable is released

Announcing Libevent 2.0.19-stable

Libevent 2.0.19-stable is now tagged and released.  The package is
available from the website, at http://libevent.org/

There are GPG signatures there too; you should probably verify them,
to make sure you get the software you think you are getting.

What's new in Libevent 2.0.19-stable

This is a small bugfix release.  If you use evdns, or openssl
bufferevents, or you rely on event priorities, or you use periodic
events on platforms where time can jump forward, you should probably

Here's the ChangeLog for this release:

 o Refactor event_persist_closure: raise and extract some common
   logic (bec22b4)
 o If time has jumped so we'd reschedule a periodic event in the
   past, schedule it for the future instead (dfd808c)
 o If a higher-priority event becomes active, don't continue running
   events of the current priority. (2bfda40)

 o Fixed potential double-readcb execution with openssl
   bufferevents. (4e62cd1 Mark Ellzey)

 o Cancel a probe request when the server is freed, and ignore
   cancelled probe callbacks (94d2336 Greg Hazel)
 o Remove redundant DNS_ERR_CANCEL check, move comment (46b8060 Greg
 o When retransmitting a timed-out DNS request, pick a fresh
   nameserver. (3d9e52a)

 o Fix a typo in the bufferevent documentation (98e9119)
 o Add missing ) to changelog; spotted by rransom (4c7ee6b)
 o Fix the website URL in the readme (f775521)

 o Fix a compilation error with MSVC 2005 due to use of mode_t (336dcae)
 o Configure with gcc older than 2.95 (4a6fd43 Sebastian Hahn)
 o Generate event-config.h with a single sed script (30b6f88 Zack

 o Backport: provide EVENT_LOG_* names, and deprecate _EVENT_LOG_* (d1a03b2)

 o dns-example.c can now take a resolv.conf file on the commandline
 o Make some evdns.c debug logs more verbose (d873d67)
 o Work-around a stupid gcov-breaking bug in OSX 10.6 (b3887cd)


Thanks to everybody who helped with code, bug reports, and
suggestions, including but not limited to:

Ralph Castain
Mark Ellzey
Sebastian Hahn
Dave Hart
Greg Hazel
Savg He
Robert Ransom
Alex S
Zack Weinberg
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