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[Libevent-users] Problem with Gmane configuration for libevent-users list

Gmane's configuration for this mailing list is still set to the old monkey.org email address:

Gmane is still receiving messages from the list correctly, but posting to the list from Gmane doesn't seem to work. When I tried to post to libevent-users from Gmane, it seems that the list correctly delivered the message to the Gmane archiver at least, because my message now shows up on Gmane:
But it doesn't show up in the libevent-users MHonArc archive, even after a message sent later showed up there. So, I'm guessing that my message wasn't actually sent to subscribers of the current mailing list at seul.org.

Is it set up this way deliberately in order to prevent posting to the list from Gmane? If not, then someone should contact Gmane and get them to use the new address for libevent-users.
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