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[Libevent-users] Touble with installing libevent as user on Solaris

Dear libevent-users,

The last two days I have tried to install libevent on a Solaris
machine as a regular user. It seems that it is a pretty old system,
but ./configure runs fine.
When I then try to run `make` I am dropped to a shell in the ./test
subdirectory. You can find a paste of the last few lines of
make-output in [1].
I am not exactly sure what is going wrong here, and any help would be
very appreciated. Please keep in mind that I do not have root access
to this system.

Best regards,
Johan Commelin

P.s.: I also asked this question in the IRC channel, but the client
disconnected after a certain amount of idle time. If anyone answered
my question there, I am sorry for not reading it. Please answer again

[1]: http://pastebin.com/HPPE87Xd
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