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Re: Site devel roadmap

>(2) PHP Code
>5) Rewrite: The site code needs a rewrite. It isn't
>generic/modular/extensible/customizable etc enough. Code reuse is done via
>copy-paste-modify for many parts. Display code is spread all over the source
>files and page layout/design are hardcoded into it, making things like
>printer-friendly views rather difficult (or at least ugly). Etcetc.
>I do *not* have the time to do this now (we have ~150kB PHP code right now).
>Maybe I'll be able to work on it on the side, slowly, but I'm not sure. So
>this is quite a bit off.

If you're interested I can lend a hand, I've got a whole heap of code from
LinuxGamer(www.linuxgamer.com) that you might be able to use or alternatively
I can write some new stuff for you. Just a thought...

Outlaw Jim

"Cleavage(n): something you can approve of and look down
on at the same time."			-- W. Garnett.
LinuxGamer: http://www.linuxgamer.com   ICQ #: 15030713
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