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Re: Fixed lgdc IRC channel?

Christian Reiniger wrote:
> Looking through the old IRC logs again I remembered how much fun these
> meetings were. What about having some fixed channel (say, #lgdc on
> OpenProjects (http://openprojects.nu/)) where we can hang around then and
> when?
> I don't think having fixed times for "meetings" is useful or good now, so
> just agreeing on the "place" should be the best. And perhaps something
> more regular will emerge from that in time.

True, but without any guidelines, when will be the first meeting be ?
It appears as if people need to find their way back into LGDC a bit
(hey, it's alive again ! *g*), so, er, just idling on the channel for
the next 2 weeks doesn't seem viable..  Should we schedule something
for the first time only ?  Go the idle-and-wait way ?  Wait until the
site is online ?.. or...


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