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Re: Question about timing

Erik wrote:

> hrm, indeed, I am in err. That'll teach me to listen to windows coders... I'm
> going to theorize that the reason it worked for me is because my programs
> didn't sleep, they continually rendered to acheive the fastest frame rate, so
> the load that program was requesting was 1. I'm not sure how threading would
> work, but in a single thread program that polls input and renders as fast as it
> can, clock() does the job.

Well, even if your program doesn't sleep, doesn't get stuck waiting for
vertical retrace, I/O, etc - clock() still won't return 'realtime' if
there is another program running somewhere in the machine.  This is
*UNIX* and you should certainly expect there to be other programs
sharing your resources.

> gettimeofday() is probably a much better solution.


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