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Re: New Site Betatest

Erik wrote:

> I think if the color schemes will be user configurable, then the article
> writers should NOT have control over font types and colors and such. The
> "printable" format will probably be black on white, but I may like a darker
> background with a lighter foreground, so the article writers color tags are
> invisible or unreadable... I propose a very minimal set of html or special tags
> be available. Example code, for example, could be put between <CODE> and
> </CODE> and the php file could generate the appropriate font tags based on the
> users preferences. 

True... which is probably exactly how XML got invented ? :)
I agree that it's probably a much better idea to use a simple
macro expansion in the php code instead of writing the current
colors and fonts down in the submission page.. but there is
still a need for a listing of color "codes" or markers or
whatever, same thing for the font.  Making <code> for instance
automatically appear centered, in a table, with courier font,
and a lightgrey background, sounds good ;)  But it would
interfere with the use of <code> as just a marker inside
a running sentence, like, "you use <code>i</code> to access.."
  About code highlighting and other color stuff, I wouldn't
mind seeing these "impossible" (or strongly recommended against)
in the new layout since those are generally not put to a very
good use anyway (not to mention wildly varying viewing conditions
may render the stuff unreadable on too many PCs or handhelds..)
  I'm mostly concerned with just the font, header/subheader
styles, and foreground/background color.

> user configurable and article content should not conflict... Expecting writers
> to conform to a specific set of guidelines on their own might be unreasonable,

Well, dunno, how else can you achieve a uniform look ?  Magazines would
have an editor for that, but I don't think the maintainers want to
be reformatting other people's HTML.. It's much easier to do that
as you write.
  But I think you're right, a markup-based processing would be
much simpler.  How about :
1) the article should not specify any color codes at all.
The php will insert a header anyway in which's <BODY> the
correct colors are defined
2) the article should use <code> for "code boxes", and <pre> for
in-text snippets.  <pre> is untouched, <code> gets a special
background color, and font
3) the text font should be something like <font=%textfont%>
4) top level headers are <H1>, subheaders are <H2>.
(note that <H1> could be processed to really be
<H3><B> and </H1> -> </B></H3>, same thing for <H2> etc)

What do you think ?


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