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Looking for co-author to help me write a book

I will probably author a book about Linux game programming. Here is a little
bit of information from the publisher:

> The book will be SAMS Teach Yourself Linux Game Programming in 21 Days, a part of an already well-known, established
> and best-selling series.  Topics/content covered should/could be:
> 1. Linux game coding with most commonly used/easy-to-use API.
> 2. Linux game development concepts, universal techniques independent of API used.
> 3. Linux game porting between Linux-Win/Win-Linux
> Other topic suggestions from you are welcome. The audience is beginner to intermediate.  Therefore, the content is
> not too deep and too technical.
> Currently, STY Linux Game Programming in 21 Days is scheduled to publish in November 2000.  That means 100% of your
> initial manuscript (like a finalized rough draft) needs to be done by early to mid August.

I have discussed things a bit with the publisher and the plan we have right now is the following:

    - First a short discussion of the various SDK packages available for game
      programming on Linux. These can include: ClanLib, SDL, Crystal Space, PenguinPlay,
      PLib, and maybe others.

    - Then the main part of the book will be the step by step writing of a small game using
      one or two of the API's above. I suggested to write a small 3D game using Crystal
      Space (of course, I'm the CS author :-) and SDL for sound. Sound in CS is too
      immature right now to use directly so SDL would be better I think.

    - The last part of the book would speak about porting to between Windows and
      Linux. Crystal Space and SDL fit very well into that since they are both
      available on Linux and Windows.

So I will take the major part of writing this book. But I would like to find a co-author
to help me write the sound part of the game. I'm not very good with sound programming
and I don't have functional sound on my linux box as well so I woudn't even be
able to test what I write. Who is interested in this?


Jorrit.Tyberghein@uz.kuleuven.ac.be, University Hospitals KU Leuven BELGIUM

History, contrary to popular theories, *is* kings and dates and battles.
        -- (Terry Pratchett, Small Gods)

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